Are you ready to have a conversation with your child about sex?

Congrats! You are an amazing parent for wanting to have a conversation with your kid about sex. High five to YOU!

This site is to help parents start a conversation with their child about sex – especially the health stuff like pregnancy and STD prevention.

Sex ed in school doesn’t cover much and it doesn’t guarantee that a teen will know which birth control methods are available for them to use or even how to use a condom. There is useful information online, but nothing can replace YOUR conversation with YOUR teen.

Yes- I’m ready

No- I need more help

As you read through this site, please remember:

  1. Talking about sex, birth control, or condoms doesn’t mean you are giving your teen permission to have sex – and teens don’t interpret it that way. Research shows that teens don’t take conversations with parents about safe sex as permission. You’re sharing it’s sharing your beliefs and expectations about their health and wellbeing.
  2. Your child is already talking and thinking about sex. It’s everywhere! Talking to them about sex is YOUR opportunity to shape their values and beliefs about relationships, pregnancy prevention, and STD safety.
  3. Information kills curiosity. Teens who feel that their parents are willing to have open conversations about sex are more likely to delay having sex. When they do have sex, they are more likely to use birth control and condoms.


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